Frequently Asked Questions

Fit Guarantee
My suit doesn't fit, what options do I have?
You have three options if your garment doesn't fit you well.

1. Garment Alterations
- To request a refund for the alterations, kindly download the form and fill it out with a tailor's help. We'll refund the alteration cost after receiving the form and receipt.

2. Garment Remakes
- If the garments can't be altered. To request a remake, kindly fill out the Body Measurements Update Form with a tailor's help. We will proceed with remaking your item as soon as we have correctly received the returned garments and form.
My garment is not alterable, what do I do next?
If your garment has fit issues that cannot be solved by a local tailor, please send us some photos of you wearing the garments and a short description of your fit concerns. Our Customer Experience team can then assess and determine the best resolution based on your needs. 

Please ensure that you are reaching out within your Claim Deadline (14 days of receiving your order). 

What should these photos look like?
We require three photos of you wearing the garment—one from the front, one from the side, and one from the back.
If you have ordered multiple of the same garment type, i.e., shirts, we only need photos of you wearing one of the garments unless your concern is that the fit is inconsistent.

Here are some examples of what your photos should look like: 

In addition to your photos, please provide a short description of what your fit concerns are and your best guess at what measurement updates would be needed. 

Don't worry, we don't expect you to have a tailor's knowledge of measurements - your estimations assist us in understanding how you are feeling in your garments. We will reference your photos, and your description of your fit before we make any updates to your measurements.  

Do your best to guess at what measurement adjustments you think are needed -  for example, "about +2 inches is needed in the pants waist" or "the sleeves need to be shortened by -1.5 inches".
What do I do if I receive a garment that has a quality or construction issue?
If there's any issue related to the quality or construction of your garments, please contact our Customer Experience Team within 10 days of receiving your order for assistance. Please keep in mind, we are only able to assist with garments that are unaltered and unworn, so be sure to keep all swing tags on your garments.
Why does my first order have fit issues?
First time orders can be slightly off for a variety of reasons: 

Measurements Aren't an Exact Science
Your measurements may not necessarily have been taken incorrectly; human bodies are just very complex, and this can sometimes translate to fit issues in areas that were unforeseen. 

Fit Preference
When we take your body measurements for online orders, we're shooting for what we call a 'modern fit'. This falls somewhere between 'slim' (tighter) and 'traditional' (looser). If your preference is outside of this, then we may need to do some alterations to get it perfect.

Whatever the cause of your fit issues, all Frediken orders are covered by our Fit Guarantee.
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