Light Grey Plaid Wool Trousers


Introducing a stylish addition to your wardrobe, "The Light Grey Plaid Wool Trousers". Made from premium quality super 130's wool, these trousers offer a smooth texture and exceptional softness. The exceptional luster has been highly appreciated by our customers and the versatility of this 130's wool allows the trousers to easily adapt to both formal and casual environments. Effortlessly upgrade your fashion sense with these trousers that can be worn year-round, regardless of the season or weather. People are sure to notice and compliment their beauty.

Trouser Fastening - Standard Button
Waistband - Side-Adjusters
Flat-Front with 1.5'' Cuff
Modern Fit

Fabric: 100% Australian Merino Wool Made in Italy by Nobility
GSM: 280g / 10oz
Super Count: 130's
Pattern: Checked
Color: Light Gray
Seasonality: 4-Season
Care: Regular Care

Our trousers can go a year without being dry-cleaned and still smell fresh.

For stains, to preserve the quality of this garment, we recommend you to respect the care instructions:

  • Gentle dry clean
  • Dry clean inside out in a net
  • Iron inside out protecting garment with a fabric in between

About The Fit

Our tailored trousers fit perfectly & comfortably, enhancing your figure. Crafted based on your measurements for a flawless fit.