Herringbone Worsted Wool Trousers


Step up your style with these classic herringbone trousers, made from premium 100% worsted wool. Hailing from Huddersfield, England, the fabric boasts a luxurious texture and a smooth hand, making it perfect for both formal and casual occasions. The breathable weight of 280g/10oz ensures year-round comfort, making these trousers a staple in any well-dressed gentleman's wardrobe.

Trouser Fastening - Standard Button
Waistband - Side-Adjusters
Flat-Front with Plain Hem
Modern Fit

Fabric: 100% Worsted Wool Made in England by Huddersfield
GSM: 280g / 10oz
Super Count: 120's
Pattern: Solid
Color: Brown
Seasonality: 4-Season
Care: Regular Care

Our trousers can go a year without being dry-cleaned and still smell fresh.

For stains, to preserve the quality of this garment, we recommend you to respect the care instructions:

  • Gentle dry clean
  • Dry clean inside out in a net
  • Iron inside out protecting garment with a fabric in between

About The Fit

Our tailored trousers fit perfectly & comfortably, enhancing your figure. Crafted based on your measurements for a flawless fit.