Corduroy Button Down Shirt


This corduroy shirt is the ultimate choice for winter; it is not only charming but also able to keep you warm. It is soft to the touch and has the textured charm and character you would expect from an authentic corduroy fabric. Wear it with everything from suits to sweats and enjoy it as it develops a beautiful character.

97% Cotton & 3%Spandex
Button-down Collar
2 Buttons Cuffs
No Breast Pocket
French Front
Clean Back Without Pleats
White River Shell Buttons
Longer back hem for tucking into pants
Modern Fit

Fabric: 97% Cotton & 3%Spandex Made in Italy by Testa
Pattern: Solid
Color: Brown
Seasonality: Fall & Winter
Care: Easy Care
Properties: Thick, Sturdy, Soft

This shirt is available for machine washing, providing you with convenience.