Best Performance Dress Shirt


This performance dress shirt is distinguished by its iron-free characteristic. The fabric is incredibly soft, silky, stretchy, and has natural wrinkle resistance. It's an ideal piece for daily wear and can be paired with a matching suit for a formal business look.

  • 76% Nylon & 24% Spandex
  • One-piece Collar
  • 2 Buttons Cuffs
  • No Breast Pocket
  • French Front
  • Clean Back Without Pleats
  • White River Shell Buttons
  • Fabric: 76% Nylon & 24% Spandex Made in Italy by Testa
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Color: White
  • Seasonality: 4-Season
  • Care: Easy Iron / Easy Care
  • Properties: Lightweight, Breathable, Super Soft, Wrinkle-Free, Super Smooth, Super Stretchy

This shirt is available for machine washing, providing you with convenience.