Bamboo Dress Shirt


This Bamboo Dress Shirt is classy and charming. It's wrinkle-free, lightweight, butter-soft, and smooth - the fabric is made of bamboo and polyester in Italy by Testa. The color is extremely versatile and can be worn in various ways. Whether paired with your favorite white trousers or layered into your favorite suited look, the options are endless.

  • 30% Bamboo & 35% Polyester & 35% Other
  • Spread Collar
  • 2 Buttons Cuffs
  • No Breast Pocket
  • French Front
  • Clean Back Without Pleats
  • Blue River Shell Buttons
  • Fabric: 30% Bamboo & 35% Polyester & 35% Other Made in Italy by Testa
  • Pattern: Solid Twill
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Seasonality: 4-Season
  • Care: Regular Care
  • Properties: Lightweight, Soft, Wrinkle-Free

This shirt is available for machine washing, providing you with convenience.